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April 27, 2007


looks like you had fun and I love the cakes

Wow... looks like you all know how to put on a quality party! Looks like fun, and well deserved after all the hard work you've put in these last few years!

Ah, how nice. You guys so deserve to have fun and celebrate your success in helping loads of mums cram fruit into their children without their kids objecting!

Oh, I wish I lived nearer Fruit Towers so I could come to your parties.

Is Beano moonlighting from DIY SOS! Looks good fun though...

Wow! What an excellent Birthday Party! Beats mine hollow! You're 16 years and one day younger than me!

WOW What a party, if only i got to work at Fruit Towers!

We have fun here but never fairy cakes!

Well done, you deserve it!

Are those your party bags to the right in the first picture? Did you get a balloon? What else was in them?

Happy birthday!!

Caaaaaaaaake... That looks so yummy!

When I was a kid my dad thought it would be a good idea to wrap up some washing powder at my party so we had....Pass the Persil! True story (Unfortunately)

Great Party!
Can I book you for my son's fourth birthday party in the garden in July!!?? .. the paddling pool will be out!!! .. and I make great cakes!!!
Keep up the good work!

Any chance I can get Beano's number? - the handsome devil!

Congratulations! I've been with you since 2002 and think that you are one of the best companies in the UK. Well managed and with a great company culture. Please do not sell up to make a pot of gold or become like a money-grabbing bank. Continue to be fair to both your staff and your customers and the people of this great country will rise up and follow you!


PS The drinks are good also!

Looks like a lovely party- puts me in mind of the St John's Road Silver Jubilee street party of 1977- I don't actually remember if but I've see photos and we all look like we were having a great time sat at a load of wallpapering tables, and all the food was garnished with glacé cherries (even the crisps and sandwiches)...

You share a birthday with my dad and are the same age as my best friend's eldest. I told him this but, unsurprisingly, he wasn't impressed. He does like your smoothies though. His mum used to buy him PJ's, but then I told her they were made from concentrates and weren't really very healthy at all, and that what he REALLY should be having in his lunchbox every day were these (we were in Sainsbury's at the time).

Oh, and he looks a bit like young Fred. Well he's got the same shock of curly hair and the wickedly mischevious grin, anyway...


Maybe you can invent a range of naturally fizzy innocent drinks for celebrations... to replace / compliment the champagne?......
Glad you had all had a wonderful party.
Best wishes for 8 more years!

What a happy time you're all having! And well deserved!
You've just cheered up all my tax form scanning! Hurrah!

It was my birthday on the 28th too!! Hurrah for taureans!! I was in Kew with cakes, so had nearly as much fun as you guys (and really not as much cake!)
Happy belated birthday!!!

Where did you get such a long table?

Woooowwww!! Happy Birthday Innocent!! :D *Aspires to one day work at this fabby looking company*

It was my husband's birthday on 28th April, but he's a little older than you. We had a grown up meal and a visit to the theatre to celebrate, but your party looked much more in our line - especially the jelly

Looks like a great party guys! Happy belated birthday, hopefully with many more to come. I absolutely love your smoothies - I'm probably a bit too old to still be having the ones for kids but I have them anyway, great for taking to 6th form! Stay awesome!!! :D

Looks great, rminds me of the street parties for the coronation(yes I am THAT old -I was but a toddler)wish I lived neear or better still worked at Fruit Towers - what a cool place to work.
Keep up the good work your newsletter gives me a reason to turn up for work.....

Mmmm... cake.

Way to improve the healthy eating image...

Happy birthday innocent! love your smoothies, the thickies are the best tho!! well done, great drinks and great company!

I celebrate the same birthday as you guys HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a fun day...i know i did xxx

I want to be there :(

Love the cake design teehee


It's my 21st birthday on 23rd May and my parents are going away (without me) so can I celebrate it with you and one of your parties please??

Awwwwwww I wish I worked for such a lovely company. I study Japanese and I think that Japan could well do with Innocent smoothies too! Happy Birthday to my favourite drink!

W O W !!!

What a great looks loads of fun!

I'm a mum of three kids aged 16, 14 and 12 (bless!), so quite used to throwing the odd birthday party myself, but NEVER one as good as yours!

I'd love to have a party like yours ...... but for me! Coz usually only kids get good parties like that, so you guys are really lucky/spoilt/looked after at innocent!

It's my 40th next year, so any chance you could put in a word for me?

Yours hopefully!

Hey, look!! There's someone hiding in the office. Is she a spy? It doesn't look like anyone's spotted her.

Next time you have a party, please can someone wear a red & white stripey jumper & bobble hat so that we can play Where's Wally.

Great party - can I have a party bag please

Its my birthday soon :) (13th may to be exact.)

getting old now.... ill be turning 15.



How come i wasn't invited? I am gutted! Julie, Wolverhampton

you guys are soo cool. i wrote 'innocents 8th birthday today' on my calendar. you know you should make calendars...people would buy them,anyway. cool cakes aswell, they looked yummy :P
love from jade :)

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