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February 20, 2007


You know, it would be great if you could get Matt (while he's wearing the trousers, of course) to twirl in front of the camera so we can finally see the back of them.

Call it closure ;o)

I think you should make a film following the journey of a piece of fruit destined to become part of a smoothie. I would like to see what the innocent factory is like.


I would like you to interview your head of People and Environment. I would like to know what the job is like, what they did before thy joined innocent and how they got into this role.

look, here's another film about shrimp :

I'd like to see a film telling us how you pasturise your drinks. I've always wondered.

I'd like to know more about The Shilps BSc MMedSci all round clever dick, looks good in a labcoat and specs. Now.

I really really like Hilde's idea, and I think that if you did make it, it would become very popular.

My idea would be to hear what the staff at innocent have to say on current affairs; climate change, the new car tax pilot schemes, ID cards etc etc :)

Okay, I read the blog wrong, it's Beyond Irony's idea that I like, although seeing Matts behind wouldn't be all bad :P

Could you interview some of your fruit suppliers and also your product development team. I'd like to see what the farms look like and how you come up with your new ideas.

I think you should interview some fruit.... and get me to shoot and edit ... i'm very cheap.


I'd like to see a film of some races. maybe fruit peeling, fruit eating (which can you eat faster, a banana or a mango?, or who can eat and apple the quickest?). I'd recommend waterproof sheeting though to minimise carpet saturation. An additional plus would be that we mere drinkers of fruit could submit films of us attempting to beat any records set.

I'd also like a film of a day in the life of one of the cow vans.

keep smiling!

I think you should show kidz who love their innocent smoothie drinks - schools-doing sports, how their smoothie gives 'em energy etc-showing their cartons in their lunchboxes & finding out their favourite flavours etc. You can put emphasis on how the smoothie helps towards the government's push towards "5-a-day" re fruit & veg for kiddiwinks. & cheekily show kidz pulling faces as they try a smoothie that they don't like much...surely that couldn't happen !!!!!! :-)


I think you should interview the mascot itself. That could be interesting.
I would like to know what Mr. Innocent (or Miss, i don't know...) has to say about him showing on every bottle.

In a different note, if you would make a plush of this Mr. or Miss innocent, I'll buy one for sure!

Continue like this, I love innocent and drink like 1l a day!



I thought I read in your newsletter that Peta was getting married to a Mr Fragreta, which would have been a great rhyming name.

Sadly I was mistaken, but do any of the innocent staff have names that rhyme? do an interview with one of them, asking if they had any good nicknames as kids.

I agree with Natalie, I'd like to see more about the fruit growers, when that guy goes on trips to source new mangoes and banannas maybe he could make a little video?!

Please can you make a smoothie with pear included in it? yum yum

Spoke with my niece - Missy- age 11. She thinks Dan should go to a school with smoothie makers & get the kidz to create & make smoothies. Then after tasting lots & having fun getting messy!-declare a winner & make that the smoothie of the month (for children). Maybe a good time to do it would be Easter...instead of chocolate eggs-a healthy smoothie instead!

Please make a film with Dr Shilpee, brains and beauty, is anything else to say. I'm loving the lab coat thing. Beutiful woman in a lab coat talking about smooties, life doesn't get any better. That would make a middle aged sad computer programmer very, very happy. Big crazie love Jol

Hi - it would be great if you made a series of films/adverts about the sources of the fruit you use. The different places it comes from, the people in volved at source and and how sustainable the environment is. I think this would be really interesting!

i would like to see a film in your factory showing how u put all the good stuff in bottles and shizz, and i think it would be cool to see all the machines like whirrrrr *.*

i came here to suggest you follow a piece of fruit from it's tree to a shop, and i see someone else already suggested it! blast. how unoriginal of me. Anyway, i'll suggest it again, and maybe through the power of repition it shall RULE THE WORLD! or become a video, whatever.
You could follow it as far as you can, and elaborate the journey a bit, such as having the smoothie pass by the Sales desk (because they're the folks that decide where the smoothies get sold) and stuff.

Meanwhile, kindly continue to rock in your newsletters.

How about getting an Innocent worker (possibly Matt, with trousers) to dress up super-hero stylee (complete with cape and pants) and go and deliver smoothie goodness to the people of Shepherd's Bush?

Then, you could have a second episode where Innocent gets accused of not putting real fruit in the smoothies, but Innocent Man takes all the nasty reporters to the fruit farm and proves it's all real.
You could call it SmoothieMan: Innocent Until Proven Fruity.

I'd like to see a video about how your smoothies get made, right from when the fruit arrives to when its sent off to the supermarkets. If you could have some footage of the fruits life before it gets to you (when it's with the farmers) as well that would be great!

I would love to see an Innocent Film Noir, with scene-setting music, overdone voice-overs and people meeting in trench coats by lamp posts at night. If the camera work is sketchy it will make it even cooler! It could be about someone who stole all of the curved bananas and flooded the market with straight ones.

Or maybe a Private Eye has to uncover a legendary straight banana. He could also have a personal vendetta of some sort. You could call it "The Maltese Banana".

Any other banana-related plotlines would also be acceptable.

You could break Innocent into the underground film industry big time.

it would be great to see something about your carbon emissions. with all that imported fruit it must be decidedly un-innocent!

it would be really lovely to hear the opinion of some of the fruit, coz lets face it they make the smoothie!! it would be nice to hear how the fruit feels to be innocent fruit, where the fruit used to live, where it was born, who looked after it etc, their hopes and dreams, hobbies and intrests and how it feels to be made into such a yummy smoothie together with all their friends...:) you could go all out with little faces and funny accents


Would love to see a mango in its natural habitat...just hanging and chilling and stuff - maybe a movie of said fruit, ripening, and then being picked, like in those old stop-motion films Johnny Ball would make explaining science?
BTW, did I mention I'm going to India next month on a 3-week trip? HINT! HINT!


Well...keeping it all very fruity...

I would love to see one of your fab little films (with the usual supply of groovy tuneage in the background-like on the film about apples) thats like a speeded up version of all your different fruits growing! So you could get each of your growers to do a clip of their fruit of supply, and then link them all together to make one manic fruit growing movie!

I'm loving Dominic's idea right now. That could really work...


I’ve just watched dragons den.
I would be really interested to see what Adam, Jon and Richard’s pitch would have been to the Dragons for innocent smoothies.

Heya! i just wanted to say, i don't know if anyone thinks the same but a great smoothie advert would be the clip from Pirates of the Carribbean 2, where jack sparrow is falling down the cliff with a load of fruit. i can just picture the end part where he's lying on the floor, being showered by fruit, with a voice over saying "100% fruit, and no cannibals".

Another idea, perhaps you could show people sized animation fruits all travelling on the underground or from the airport to get to fruitowers!

Yet another idea( gosh i apologise for the essay! ) you could have a clip of 007 bond risking his life to rescue some fruit smoothies. or you could have a 007 fruit smoothie- you know, with little cartoon arms and shades!

Luv Sophie

Hi everyone
I would like to have a look in your experimental kitchen to see how it all takes shape. I'd like to meet the people who develop the new recipes, and generally have a look to see what you all do every day.
love jeanette
p.s. I make a lot of my own smoothies now, because I got your book for xmas. ...and a smoothie maker...still buy yours, of course, cos I love you all x

I think you should make a film about the Innocent Foundation, and what it does. It would be good to see the effects of that 10%!

I was thinking you could make a film about the innocent letters. You could interview each one and ask them questions along the lines of... Does the i like leading from the front or ever get frustrated by not being able to ever capitalise. Do the n twins ever swap round without any one knowing? Does the o ever think about sacking it all in and heading off to south america? Does the c really fancy the third n, and how does the e feel about playing gooseberry between them. Finally does the t like the TM that buzzes around its head, and doesn't the TM ever want to sit down?

After reading the latest Innocent newsletter. I felt I had to comment on the feature showing the Innocent guys on the front of the Herald Magazine, with the line "I don't think we have ever had a front cover." Can I direct your to the latest edition of growning business magazine
Which has none other than Richard Reed on the front cover.

I think it'd be nice to get to know the staff a bit better. But not just bits of information like their name and age, there are all sorts of other things I want to know. For example: Daddy or Chips? Have you ever been in a fight with an animal? What do you imagine blue might taste like? Hedgehogs or foxs? Describe the perfect biscuit. I'm sure you get the idea.

I think you should make animated Series on the fruit, give them all different personalities and roles then give it a story. this will help people identify with your product and buy more. but do not make it too commercial not to serious but fun like your newsletters. Stick it on youtube or tv and watch your product image grow.

Something that shows the smoothies that never made it...horseradish and pear etc.... and also includes how they get through taste testing & how long it takes...

I think you should do a film remake of the BBC Series - Oranges are not the Only Fruit

How about a remake with Anthony Hopkins?

The Silence of the Limes

I think you should do a short movie about a an innocent smoothie deliverer going on his rounds and making this world a smoother brighter place........?

hello there, i was having a smooth...smoothie moment and think you should incorporate into your film about the new biodegradable bottle syou have out - they are amazing!! also something to do with who and when your smoothies are brought. were they are consumed and how/different ways to best enjoy them..i.e. 'on the rocks' with some ice, in a glass with a scoop of innocent deadly goodly ice-cream on the top, poured into porridge or drizzled over fresh fruit, nuts and oats! jsut a few suggesstions!!

Lovely innocent team.
It would be rather exciting to see from where the bananas and the mangoes etc. are coming from, what sort of people work with you in "exotic" places....
Anyways, thanks for being here, thanks to have this great philosophy and thanks of making this delicious drinks! coco

Maybe a film about all that innocent stands for, with clouds and sunshine and happy people and soft things and all happy things like that, perhaps narrated by a talking sunflower?

the smoothie market is becoming more end more saturated, although innocents share is large similar products WILL take your edge away (unfortunately] . innocent dont need ads they need a new product line boasting healthier contents before their image is tarnished by impersinated brands.

Where do you get the cool pictures from like there wsas this one which was a pea i think and it said boo i want to make it into a badge so where can i get all those innocent cartoons and logos????

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