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December 01, 2006


I love the hats, unfortunately I can't knit, not from not having tried on several occassions, and I live in the hill's, lucky we have the internet really! We definetely don't have a sainsbury...any other way of getting them? xx

umm love the drinks too! xx

umm love the drinks too! xx

Hey there innocents!

I just bought my first pair of hatted bottles of smoothy/thicky. All those bottles on the shelf in Sainsbury's!! Haha, what a sight - awesome!

I was thinking it would be interesting to find out who made these ones, and where they came from, but also where the ones we sent in are now. But, I guess thats the magic of Supergran, you will just never know!

One thing that made me sad tho - people have obviously been stealing the hats, because quite a large number of the bottles where hatless. Some people will steal anything, even if it is for charity... *sigh*

Saw the hats in Sainsburys Edinburgh. Loved them couldn't resist buying a smoothie for lunch even though I had one for breakfast. They made me laugh all day!!!

Spotted the hatted bottles in Sainsbury's in Central Milton Keynes and ended up having to ask a chap to help me get a black & white stripey one down (I'm only 5ft 1" & they were on the top shelf of the refrigeration unit! :-/ ) for my husband who helps edit the Newcastle Falcons (Jonny Wilkinson's team) unofficial site. I also got one that looks like the French tricoleur as we love gong to France and know a few French players.
Mentioned them to a fellow Saints supporter and she was chuffed as she's been one of your knitters.
Good on you for such a lovely & humorous campaign.

This comment is completely and totally nothing to do with the above post but...

Hey guys, thanks so much for my mistletoe gift! It sure brightened up monday morning for me and my office :)

I just wanted to second Rukaya's comment - very amusing. No doubt there will be a blog entry about it soon tho ^_^

I love the hats but can't get hold of any! I really want a few bottles with hats but everytime I go to my local Sainsbury's (Swindon) all the bottles are naked!

Please tell me that they'll have some soon!?

Thanks for my mistletoe! I'm saving it for the Christmas Party on Friday!

I'm excited to try the new Honey and Lemon drink. Yum.


Hello, I've enjoyed seeing hat of the week every week, but I'm a bit sad that I can't buy any myself - why are they not in waitrose? This is my closest supermarket and the smoothies there have had hats before, so why not this year? Thanks, for the misteltoe though, that has helped cheer me up about the lack of hatted bottles in my fridge!

Are there any shops in Kent that sell the ones with the hats on? I would love to get a few for my family in Germany as I am planning on taking some of the smoothies over for Christmas to make some fabulously delicious desserts. We'll be stuffed by then from all the other food but from experience I know that there is always room for my innocent desserts!

Hey you nice people! Thanks for the surprise mistletoe, which my youngest daughter requested for me. Looking forward to trying your lemon/honey/ginger drink, sounds fantastic!

I have to report, I actually hat my little hat stolen while I was shopping in Sainsbury's. Would you believe it! Put the bottle on the top of the trolly, turned around and someone pinched it while my back was turned. Never mind. My mum, has offered to knit a replacement. Good ol' Mum. Still can't get over the shock!!

Hi, i bought two lovely hats in my sainsburys and my work mates had a right laugh when i went in and decorated my stamp i use for my work now they all want one for theirs. Whats this i hear about mistletoe?? My xmas tree from last year looks great and still going strong although he's not big enough for a set of lights yet,perhaps next year! Merry xmas you guys and thanks for keeping me healthy on the inside.lots of love Frosty

hello there at innocent!
my postman is so cool that he sometimes delivers on sunday! so when i got my mistletoe i was goofy happy! especially as everyone knows sundays are boring! and i got a knitted hat today from EAT! its like santas hat! and its my birthday tomorrow! im so happy, because its cool to be innocent!
ps, got to try that lemon and ginger smoothie because i have an awful cold...

Kids and me loved the hats and they made us chuckle (something that doesn't happen often in a supermarket!) and the mistletoe was a great surprise - sadly, despite my proffered puckered lips, none of my bah humbug colleagues took up my offer!

Merry Christmas to all you Innocents.

Hi Charlene,
Did the hat have a hand made pompom made from fairly thick wool? I knitted two of those.

ooh innocent deserts?? Tell us more... I want to make some.

Just been to the 'Sainsbugs' at Monkseaton (Whitley Bay) and I managed to line up all the bottles wearing hats - bringing them to the very front of the shelves - the staff must have thought me mad; but I just couldn't leave the little fellas lurking in the shade at the back - not when they were wearing such magnificent headgear - congrats to everyone.

Wish I hadn't started to read this now, cos it's left me feeling rather miffed - where's MY mistletoe?? And if I'm due to receive it soon, the surprise has been ruined now! Makes me want to use the F word - Flip!

I wouldn't mind so much, but i don't get many surprises at Chrimble time (or any other time for that matter!).

Hello hat hunters.

It seems that Sainsbury's hats stock are getting quite low now in various regions. I've been told that EAT cafes still have stocks though if you have a branch in your area.

I must go and see the HATS!!!!!!!!!!!! I will ask my mum to organise a trip to Sainsbury's immediately! I think it's a superb charity and that if there are still people with creativity, imagination and a sense of humour, then there's still hope for the human race! Keep up the enthusiasm! I believe in changing the world- perhaps you can inspire the world! I would knit a hat, if I could!

hiya Charlotte! Its Charlene!

my hat had a lil, lil pompom on it, and it doesn't look as good as u described yours, sorry. but it would've been cool if it was! crazy lil world we live in!
Happy Birthday to me! Merry Christmas to you x

I got 2 hatted smoothies in Sainsbury fantastic - wondered if we could send hats back to you and you would have even more hats for charity next year?

And thanks for the mistleotoe too: kiss kiss!
Nicky in Derby

why haven't i got any mistletoe? I signed up for it, and i only live round the corner from you, so it's not like you'd have any difficulty getting it to me! i'm very sad :( though i have just been drinking one of your delicious smoothies, so that's restored the equilibrium a bit... though still sad :(

Love the hats but I don't shop in Sainsbury's and Waitrose don't have them this year. I have loads of bottles in my larder with them on from last year and they make plenty of people laugh out loud.

I am trying to get my entire office to do a photo with the misletoe. Some people are such bah humbugs though!

Thanks innocent for keeping me healthy and laughing.

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