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December 12, 2006

Take a look at this site from a Brazilian company that has just launched a line of yogurts. Coincidence?

I have heard from American peeps that you should put ice packs on top of the turkey before cooking, so that the breast meat and legs warm up at the same rate, and the breast meat stays lovely and moist - good post-Thanksgiving pre-Christmas tip for you there! :)

Eep! How about we all just go veggie instead? ...Please?

My brother-in-law's family always has, besides traditional turkey, a fantastic slap-up Indian turkey curry with great spinach and pumpkin dahl and all the trimmings (popadoms, raita, pickles etc). It's just fantastic.

My mother in law used to stuff herb butter under the Turkey's skin before roasting for over 15 hours in the oven on a low always came out moist and juicy!

Don't do what my Mum did one year and cook the turkey upsidedown!
Our festive feast was quite dissapointing, until Boxing Day when we discovered that all the breast meat was on the bottom! We had great sandwiches there after!!

Try starting the turkey off breast side down - the fat deposits are on the turkey's back, and this means the turkey bastes itself as it cooks. I also cook the stuffing separately, which reduces the overall cooking time and keeps the meat moist. And try Nigella's Allspice Gravy from 'Feast'!

My family always cooked ours in a kettle barbecue - delicious flavour from the hickory smoked chips we'd add.

Or how about going traditional and having a goose?

Dont buy a huge bird, dont stuff it and dont tie the legs together. Put butter with a bit of orange zest under the skin (do this from the neck end), put an onion, orange and some cranberries in the cavity roast as you normally would, when cooked you will have the most delicious gravy from the juices in the pan and the juices after the bird has rested. Oh yes, cook roasties seperately with goose fat or dripping! Yum!!

As long as it's cooked thoroughly, it doesn't matter. Just make sure it's Organic and Free Range! My mum always puts stuffing in one end and sausage meat in the other if that's any help!

Quorn is a much healthier option... For the turkey too!

I've never liked turkey. How about something more adventurous instead... like a triple stuffed goose from Seldom Seen Farm?
Great cartoon at the top :-)

please do not mention the turkey. all I dream of is tortellini with cream and sage, lasagne done the Naepolitan way with ricotta, vegetables and sausages,salsiccia e friarielli, salami, Parma ham, slow cooked roast beef and potatoes etc....Does anyone actually like turkey at Christmas?

Turkeys don't like Christmas
Which may come as no surprise.
They say why don't human beings
Pick on people their own size.
To sit beside potatoes
In an oven can't be fun,
So a turkey is quite justified
To feel he's being done.

you should totally cook your turkey like my mum is this year. she accidentally (don't ask) bought a goose AND a turkey so we're going to bone them both and stuff the goose inside the turkey! best of both worlds (in my oppinion)

Just don't bother. Might as well turn veggie. That poor turkey..Christmas is about love love and compassion not mass slaughter.

I think you should cook it buy putting it on a tray, then putting it in the oven, then taking it out after a while and then eating it with some potatoes and brussel sprouts. yum!

in the early seventies we were living in devon.we had a lovely border collie called bess.she normally lived outside (in the outside loo in which the central heating boiler was installed. theres posh)for some stupid reason i invited bess in on Christmas day and for the only time in her life bess invited herself to the turkey that was resting after being beautifully cooked by my lovely wife Margaret. i can still hear the pitiful noises made by me as i berated bess.the impact was lessened by the helpless belly laughter of Margaret and our son.what a girl she had spent hours getting everything just so and yet was able to see the funny side of the situation.she was simply the best

And you should of course remember that you have to adjust the time in the oven to allow for a drop in gas pressure on Christmas day as almost everyone in the country puts their turkey on!

We don't have turkey at my house - we go to iceland and get these really cool cheesey stringy things and have them with burgers and gurkins. yum yum. You just put them in the microwave and bingo - xmas lunch in 3.5 mins! so much easier.

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