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November 24, 2006


I should win because I'm cold, thirsty and have starved down to an extra small. If I win I'll drink all the smoothies and regain my position as a large and will fit the hoodie. [not that innocent drinks are fattening, it just sounded good, I think]. If it doesn't fit I will stuff it and will display it as an ornament on the lounge table for all to admire and be jealous of.

This african sun is very harsh on me balding head. A decent hoodie would do wonders for this poor starving african! Perhaps Bono could deliver it!?

I should have it because I am completely innocent. Never done anything wrong in my life ever. I drink your drinks and get on with it I do. I am a bit cold though and this see-through negligee I've got on will never last me the winter....

My car (an eco-friendlyish, 60mpg Fiat - thanks very much for asking) broke down a fortnight ago and has just cost me £661.06 to fix. My partner's just gone back to work after her maternity leave finished and hasn't been paid yet. My young son is confused about why mummy keeps leaving him. I live in what is currently a very dreary part of Wales. You know the rain at the beginning of Se7en? That's every day for me. My gutters leak at the best of times, but right now it's like walking through a waterfall. I suffer from depression, which given everything that has happened, is unsurprisingly exacerbated. Oh, and it's a month from Christmas.

In short, I'm cold, wet, skint and utterly utterly miserable. A nice hoodie from lovely people would at least give me a reason to smile for a few minutes, and keep the cold away whilst selling my body or whatever else it takes to pay for the car. And the case of drinks will mean we WILL have something to drink on the feast of Stephen!

I need this as i cant afford to put the heating on at our student house nd when i go to bed i cry! so if i had a hoodie i could be all cosy....please! plus i love ya drinks....just a added extra lol. a skint lisa!

I think I should win this hoody because I am a poor student and can't afford to buy a jumper to keep me warm through the winter! In addition to this, I love the juicy taste of innocent smoothies but unfortunately can only afford to buy asdas own brands! Every penny saved matters!! Please help me, you wouldn't let a poor student go cold and thirsty would you??!

I believe I should be considered for the free hoodie or at least some money off vouchers as Im currently sat in a lecture at Sunderland University. The lecture is on Blogging and today were looking at Innocents Blogg. The whole class found it really interesting and as part of this module we look at various other bloggs and are gradually learning the importance of blogging. The girls especially liked the knitting bits with the granny making hats and bottoms for the Innocent bottles. On a personal note I buy Innocent regularly and find it a perfect substitute for fruit as after a while fruit is boring and Innocent is not! My lecturer is wondering if the the whole class can have free hoodies?

I think i should win the hoodie as i'm a skint student and have no money for innocent smoothies or electric to keep me warm- so i NEED the hoodie!(or mabies some money off vouchers!) cheers!x

Please send me an innocent hoodie because i've recently moved to Sunderland for uniu and can not survive the horrible north sea winds and dry mouth hangovers from to many late nights. please send me a hoodie. P.S your little p.r campaign is doing really well, the whole class has visited this site as part of our social media lesson. Just thought you would be interested. The girls love the hats and the lesson is full of little piglet esc squeals. If all that hasn't convinced you to give me an innocent hoodie then just to let you know i buy innocent drinks regually(usually half price from the shop where i work) Thankyou

Because I'm a large sized man.

I'm off to The BlueWater Shopping Centre tomorrow and I would like to confuse the hell out of the security guard. If I do win it, I'll share with you the photos.

Well I'm a large male for a start... not fat like, but large.

My head is very large too.

It seriously is, even supposed XL hats sit atop my head like some sort of clown hat.

Having a large head makes hat buying a tricky thing, so a hoodie would be the ideal solution to the massive heat loss problems I suffer during these dreary months.

Plus it will just be nice to tell the world about your wonderful drinks!

Because I'm from Italy and I could begin the Innocent Era in a new country...


I would very much like the hoodie for the following reasons:

1. I am a very poor student
2. I am a very poor student that lives in deepest darkest north wales where it is very cold at the moment
3. I have been quite innocent recently as I have had so much Uni work to do that I have only managed to drink 1 pint in 3 weeks... thats pretty innocent for a student.

Hope they are good enough reasons....

I think I should, the kids that I teach to cook would be very surprised to see me in a hoodie

I'm sure I should win this luxury clothing item for the following reasons:
1- Im cold and have spent my entire student loan on alchohol and music. It's too early to buy a beer jacket, and I cant afford real clothes any more.
2- My existing clothes don't fit me due to my increase in mass due to said alcohol consumption.
3-My brand awareness perceptors are very easily appealed to, and by wearing the hoodie I would be reminded more often who makes the best smoothies on earth.
4- I have spent the last 4 days checking your website for materials about your company for my Management assignment on Innocent drinks at Oxford Brookes. Therefore I know just about every reason why you are up there with Howies in companies that make this planet a little better.
brrrrrrrrrrrr (hint hint)

My life has been completely transformed since I discovered your drinks. I've gone from being a dull, sad Swede to a happy, sparkling and umm..happy Swede! I don't think I can go back to Sweden without knowing that I can find your drinks there! So, in the meantime an innocent hoodie would be a comfort to me...

The big* innocent hoodie should come and live with me so that I can put it on and hide my innocent smoothies up it to stop my flat mates drinking them.

*I'd also look very cute in a hoodie too big for me.

I should get this hoodie as I love irony....

As I'm completely innocent, no grannies need fear when I wear it out shopping for your funky fresh fruit offerings. Juice me up baby!

I think it might sway the judge at my trial next week. If not, maybe I could bribe him with the tasty smoothies.

P.S. I am not really a criminal.

I should win because I am due in court next week and by wearing the hoodie, I may be able to influence the jury.

I think I should be treated to the cute hoodie because after drinking 1L of innocent strawberries & bananas to try and cure my hangover this morning (and repair myself) i read your carton and decided I wanted to work for you guys so I logged on to your site. I have since spent the last hr on here (when I should be working...tut tut)and will probably lose my job if I dont log off now, therfore I will need a hoodie to keep me toasty when I can't pay my electricity bill! but i just want to read nore stuff about you guys....can't seem to log off....

I am struggling with the fact I hit the big 30 scarily soon. Although everyone keeps telling me that age is just a number it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Perhaps a new funky innocent hoody and a skin-full of yummy innocent drinks will make me look and feel 21 again.

i would like to win the innocent hoodie as i LOVE innocent smoothies! and this way i could show it off! :) also i love wearing big baggy jumpers when its cold! please let me win i never win anything :( xxxxxx

I think I should win the hoodie because then I can spread the good word of innocent drinks far and wide, plus, it's winter and it's really cold!
And, if I win the case of drinks, I promise to share with everyone at work and then more people will now about thier fruity goodness and tastiness! (and the thickies thickiness).

i should win
because i'm being extraordinarily patient and waiting for innocent smoothies to become available in the united states.
and i miss england greatly, for many reasons, of which innocent is one.

I need this top to blend in.
Last Friday, while making my merry way home, content in the knowledge of two blissful days ahead without work, 3 kids 'apprehended' me, attempting to push me to the ground and steal my bag. Thankfully, close to home, I managed to get round the corner into the light.
Needless to say, they were wearing hoodies. An innocent hoodie would help me look less conspicuous, and then there's the added benefit of 'innocent' on the front, which ought to confuse them. Please help.

i need this hoodie so i can be the envy of all my friends (and family) when i wear it to college on monday.

and everyone will say "oh theres that cool kid who won an innocent hoodie"

and i shall smile :)

I think the hoodie should wing it's way to me because i'm running the London Marathon next year, and it will be perfect for keeping me warm, after i've finished. Oh, and also because i didnt get a beanbag from the new south wing :(

i need to win the hoodie because otherwise all that is standing between the destruction of glasgow via giant cake gobbling aliens is one vry cold superhero artstudent :D trust me on this, its very important

Cuz it would really suit me and I could do with a nice comfy hoodie for cold winter evenings curled up on the sofa watching telly with the fire crackling and blazing and chestnuts roasting and carol singers singing and lords a leaping and five golden rings, four calling birds... what came over me phew I'm back....

i think i should win because innocent is infiltrating my nocturnal subconcious, which is quite disturbing, and i feel i should receive some compensation.

last night i dreamt that i was in innocent's offices trying to locate a roof terrace. i was held up in this process by meeting your head of recruitment and quizzing him about why everyone who works at innocent has an Oxbridge education. the man i was speaking to was adamant that this was just coincidence, but i was having none of it and lamented (in an American accent for some reason) that it's all a big conspiracy and they should consider the merits of other universities like York. Can't quite remember what happened next, but I ended up running away from the man down a corridor into a room that was a music class being given by a bloke I used to work with. I got out of there, found the lady with the key to the roof terrace, went through some other random offices to get onto the roof, only to find that it was part of a big complex of squat-type bedrooms. After this I jumped off the roof and landed in Brighton where I was told off by a police woman for bouncing a football. The dream continued to be very bizarre, but it's a hazy memory from there on.

Suitably disturbing to require some hoody/smoothie compensation, no?

I think I should win the hoodie as I LOVE Innocent smoothies and I would wear it all the time to promote how absolutely fantastic you are!! As Innocent are just like me, made from pure goodness with no nasty extra bits added. 100% natural just like you!!!

Plus I have the best tip: when you get the urge for a quick sweet fix DON'T go near the chocolate have a glass of Innocent Pineapple Coconut and Banana - it will do the job and will be good for you at the same time!!
Tadaa !! thank you x x

My wife says the Hoodie I always wear needs a wash now coz it is begining to smell. So I could do with another hoodie so I can wear them alternately and not bother people with my shoddy appearance!


I need the smoothies, i am a a student, and your smoothies are the only thing that keep my healthy. however recently money has been short and though your Tesco deal is wonderful, ive had to resort to tesco value orange juice for my vitamin intake (its three for two), please, stop the madness and put me back on the straight and narrow of smoothies with your generous prize.
The hoodie would probably be too big for me but my housemate Rupert could really do with a large hoodie to cover up his arse as he wears his trousers oh so low. please help. holly x

It's bloody freezing.

I am using Innocent as an example of a great use of blogging in a presentation next week and I would get serious 'smoothie' points if I was wearing an Innocent hoodie won in a blog competition.

Hoodie Scmhoodie!

I'm loving the huge pink bean-bag-esque thingy its displayed upon.

Can I have that instead please?

All the cucumber fell out of my cheeze and cucumber sandwich. Apart from the obvious nutritional deficit that this has led to it has also made me grumpy and a Innocent hoodie would cheer me up.

I should have it because I'll sell it on eBay. No, only joking. I'll probably get the signpost in my street to wear it.
Please let my poor, cold, signpost wear it!

I think I deserve it as most of the students commenting here were in my class, supposedly listening to me. If next week I could say, "If you are all very good for the next two hours, you will get a innocent smoothie, and the very best behaved wins a hoodie..." probably wouldn't make a blind bit of difference.

But at least they looked at your (admirable) site.

I am officialy the last person in the office, everyone else is in the pub, my boss has been away all week and the department is crumbling beneath my feet, I am so tired I cant focus on the screen, I have about 5 more things to do before I can go and as I work in Kings Cross by the time I leave I will be accosted by every streetwalker, junky and various other social deviants.

I could do with the hoodie to go someway in preserving my innocence/sanity

I'm a student so I have enough trouble being able to afford decent food yet alone nice clothes. However, I've recently worked out that if I stop buying your smoothies for a while then I'll be able to save up enough spare change to buy a cool new hoodie. I just can't bring myself to do it though (sob!). PLEASE don't make me choose!!

I would like to wear it as:

1) I love innocent smoothies
2) I am considered to be innocent
3) And people will definitely believe whatever I tell them when I wear it...

I really should win an innocent hoodie because the boiler is broken in my house and will be for some weeks (maybe months), I have no warm clothes because we have just moved house and i have lost my box full of winter clothes, and I have to put on at least seven summer cardigans/jackets to stop myself from becoming the first human ice-cube. I also love the hoodie and desperately need it. give it to me and save the whole of mankind. If I win this hoodie then I will not turn into the worlds first human ice-cube, I will then be able to carry on with further education and be taught the art of saving the universe from nuclear destruction, and therefore, save the world from nuclear destruction. I will also learn how to spell better. In addition, i have never won anything in my entire LIFE (so far), but at least I know i shall win something, I will either win your hoodie(and the nobel prize for saving the world from nuclear destruction), or I will probably win a free copy of the guinness world book of records since i will be in it for being the worlds first human ice-cube. And finally, I really do love your innocent smoothies, and i cant wait to purchase my first lot of smoothies with little hats, to keep my tootsies warm.
Well i hope i have pursuaded you to give me an innocent hoodie, Love from orlaith
P.S. remember my name and I shall be famous.

I would love your hoodie because a) there is NO heating in the barn where I work and it is cold, cold, cold and b) because I am, of course, completely innocent :o)

I have always been told i have a head like a orange, peferctly round with a heavy tan, my nose is also the shape of a strawberry. If i were to wear your hoodie and put my nice wooly hat on that my gran gave me i could sit on a shelf and be an innocent smoothie.

Im sure ive got hem.. plums somewhere too...

I should definately win because BLACK is my colour and LARGE is my size. (although i would prefer a rainbow coloured hoodie)

Apart from that i could lend it to my alter ego at the weekends and become INNOCENT MAN. A superhero powered by inncocent smoothies on a mission to right all wrongs see that justice is done and generally apprehend the badguys. He is also rather big on recycling, organic foods and promotes the buy local campaign.

I should win because LARGE is my size and BLACK is my colour. (although i would prefer a rainbow hoodie)

Also i could lend it to my alter ego at weekends and becoume INNOCENT MAN. A superhero fueled by innocent smoothies intent on righting all wrongs, seeing justice is done and generally aprehending the bad guys. INNOCENT MAN is also rather big on recycling, organic foods and the buy local campaign.

i shoudl win the hoodie because it will be perfect for me when i go beating up old ladies and robbing candy stores

this hoodie will help me pass my degree! if i turn up to my business management lecture wearing this innocent hoodie when i hand in my coursework, it will no doubt add a good 15% to my final mark. the fact i am more worried about winning this hoodie than doing my degree work shows real dediction i feel. im not going to blab on about how DE-LICIOUS your smoothies are, because thats a given. i am however going to add i am a male and i wear size L hoodies. i am a student with limited funds so this hoody will keep me warm and may even prevent frost bit on my 'innocent' regions during the harsh cold english winter.

i shoudl win the hoodie because it will be perfect for me when i go beating up old ladies and robbing candy stores

I think I should win this hoody because I am about the furthest from a man's size L as you can get, being a ladies XS, or even sometimes age 11 clothes. This means that I can share it with someone else, because there'll be plenty of room for another person - so really you'll be giving the prize to 2 people, and making them both happy. Double for your money!

I am an international student, I knew nothing about Innocent until recent days as I needa work on a Business project about it! I am exhausted (working on it for 3 whole days already...)as this assignment is extremely difficult! On the other hand, I found Innocent quite interesting, both the style and the culture of the company! I have promised myself that I would buy one bottle of Smoothies to reward myself after working on this assignment! But Innocent's Smoothies are quite expensive for me... and of course... I would be glad if I could get it free of charge!

I'm a teenager, so people generally assume that if I'm wearing a hoodie, I'm about to steal their baby/knife them/generally be a scallywag. This is a shame, 'cause I quite like hoodies.

So, if I wear a hoodie with 'innocent' on it, adults may be convinced, and look on me and smile with hazy nostalgia for their much more sensible teenage years, rather than write into the Daily Mail and complain about naughty ASBO-ing teenagers who don't eat dinner with their parents any more. It might even help eradicate the stereotypes about naughty teenagers with hoodies.

I have been doing an indepth project on you - and have spoken to some of your lovely staff. I have fallen in love with your company, products and ethics. I would be proud to wear a hoodie with your brand name. Even if I dont win, you should know that what you are doing is great and very inspriational. More companies should be like Innocent. x

Well, im 14 and really tiny. I don't really get cold. I'm not at all innocent. I don't need a hoody but I'll have it anyway. The drinks are good though.

All in all I am the perfect person to win this hoody.


I should win it because I'm single and have been so for far too long. We both know girls like Innocent men ...

You are my last hope Obi Won (I mean lords of the fruit) ... don't let the universe (I mean me) down.

I need it because I'm INNOCENT!!!!!!

I deserve the hoody cos my football match was cancelled today.

Oh yeah and i do a Physics degree and its hard.

and i will dance in the street if i win.

Because I am the guy who pointed all you guys to this report that says that the world's problems can be solved if we can provide clean water and sanitation to billions of our fellow citizens.

Go out and read this, everyone, and write about this please

Ok, so I'm not a man, or extra large, but I really do deserve this. So much. Why? Well...

1. I love innocent. I really do not know where I would be without you ( :
2. All my friends have these cool hoodies from their hockey team, and I don't, as I am no hockey lady, haha. So I could be the different one, the sore thumb- In a good way...
3. I have just eaten far too much junk food as it is my small sister's birthday.
4. I am quite cold- have you ever lived in Scotland in Winter in the cold and the rain and the mist...?
Finally... 5. I have never won anything before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very underprivelidged. I can't even spell that word right... Sniff. Pick me please!

Love and many, many kisses
Jess -x-

simply because...
I love innocent,
I love hoodies,
so i would REALLY love an innocent hoody

plus what great publicity it would be cos im a poor student and seeing as i cant afford to buy anything warm to wear i would have it on all the time.

By the way on the bottom of the smoothie bottles it says "put me in the bin please" but shouldn't it say "please recycle me"? just thought that if i didn't win the competition you could give me a hoody anyway for noticing such an important thing.

No no no no no - send it to me and I'll protect you all from David Cameron wanting to hug you!!!

I'd make good use of the hoodie as I'm on a pre-Crimbo health kick - up early every morning for a run round the park in the cold and dark, then home for some yummy juice. The hoodie would help to keep me nice and warm, and instead of spending ages cutting up apples and carrots and cleaning out my juicer I could just pop open a lovely Innocent smoothie and have more time to run!

Well I need a chrimbo present for my dad as i spent the last of my money on my mum's new casserole dish! He needs to look cooler and this hoodie would definitely do the job!!

Dear Innocents,
I am joining the throng to vie for your innocent swag. I think you should shine your compassionate generosity upon me as i am in mourning. I am mourning for my innocent smoothies. I am currently on international exchange in south korea, a land lacking not only in my beloved innocents, but also in any real fruit smoothies at all! Here all smoothies involve a maximum of 1/2 cup fruit, a minimum of 1 cup ice, half-cup sugar water and a shot of the relevant flavouring(the most heinous of crimes in your books i am sure)! One restaurant even serves it's smoothies with a side of white bread and whipped cream! I am at a loss, and I have also recently been hospitalised(no, really,) thus am doomed to spend my recovery through the long siberian wind filled winter shivering in my officetel with doggy heating as the landlord speaks no english. So an innocent hoodie would keep me warm and strengthen my resolve to introduce real fruit smoothies to South Korea upon my convalesence. But especially, it would remind me of home.

Many thanks,

Ok, sympathy vote, hear goes.I think I should win the hoodie. Im a Paramedic who'll be working nights all over christmas working on my own. The hoodie will keep me toastie warm while everyone else is snuggled up and waiting for Santa.
The smoothies will keep me going through the night too. Yum.

Because I’m nothing but nothing but fruit. Seriously... I am at my best when I’m chilled, and sometimes gently shaken. Once opened, you need to look after me. Oh, and I contain no added badness, like being able to concentrate...

Dear Innocents,
I just read, my partner in crime, kish's post and would like to correct a few details and plead for your boo-tay myself. While it is true that the idea of the fruit smoothie has been lost in translation in it's journey to South Korea and also that she has been in hospital, I believe I would benefit more greatly from your hoodie and drinks. It is indeed cold in our humble flat but it is even colder outside, when i walk to our local fruit market to buy the ingredients to make my invalid the fruit smoothies she so desires. And happily, the crate of smoothies would postpone the date on which i must make that dreary journey again. Also, the hoodie would save me from the old korean women at the market who, enticed by curiosity of the unknown, see fit to pull on my dreadlocks.

Please help,

p.s. A doctor once asked me if they were "a bear"... I worry for my partner's health.

i think i should win this because i need it soo much and it iz amasin!!!!
everyone i know would be sooo jealous of me
-but who would judge them
and 'innocent sommthies are the best there the best!'
also i love hoodies, which dosent help being a teenager especially walking into shops with a load of elderly laidies cluching there bags as i walk past.So if i wore this hoodie that would give them something to talk about. and they wouldnt judge me:D
and i love everything inocent please pick me :D :)


Hello, I would like to win because my karma seems to be seriously out of whack at the moment - first I bought some waxing strips that were as effective as sellotape, the next batch were better but caused my trousers to stick to my legs :( then I went into work and discovered we finally have a new manager which means I've lost all my lovely extra hours - it could be worse though at least I still have a lovely family and roof to come home to - but maybe wearing a warm hoodie with the word "innocent" on it whilst swigging a virtuous drink will convince the karma fairy that I no longer need to be chastised.
Beth x

I think I should win the innocent hoodie because:
- I am working with a church for this year and I think that the hoodie would be nice and appropriate!
- I babysit for twins who are just learning to talk and read and it would help their development, and you wouldn't want to hinder not one but two children's development would you?!
- I adore hoodies and they help me survive the winter.
- I love innocent smoothies and want to proclaim their amazingness to the world!(As well as drink them!)
- I would share the smoothies with all my friends who are coming back from uni soon and will need some nourishment as their student diets are not very healthy, so you'd be benefitting lots of people!

If I won the hoodie, it may convince me to try your drinks!! Until then, I will not buy a single Innocent Smoothie!!

Simple as!!!!


I think I should win this snug hoodie as I've been poorly this weekend and spent last night in hospital with a nasty needle sticking out of my arm......could have done with a nice warm hoodie to hide in.....instead, I had hospital blankets that I belive are made of toilet paper.....v v THIN.

It's nice to win stuff, don't you think?

I should win the hoodie because I am


In fact, just like your wonderful drinks, I am an innocent smoothie.

I should win it cause I want it. And I love innocent! And my cousin works there.

I should win the hoodie as we're trying to save th planet and energy, and need more sweaters to wear so I don't have to put the heating on.

You see i use not to be so very innocent like ya'll want your promoters to be. But after tasting your delightful concoctions i changed and you got spiteful way and got someone new to join your cult.But because i was convinced so easily i do believe by just wearing the Gorgeous,Flattering, Delightfully Stunning Hoodie i will be able to convince the general public also to join your cult.
But seriously please give it 2 me.i want it!!!!
Mmmmwah xXx

"I would really like to win the hoodie" she simpered winningly, fluttering every eyelash she had left plus a few stray nose hairs.

"It's my eldest son Tim's birthday on Monday 27th and he'll have reached the age of 28 year without ever owning a hoodie.

"What with winter coming on and the Great London Smog descending," she sniffled, rheumy old eyes wet with tears "without a hoodie he may get a cold or summat. So I'd really like to win it for him.

"A merry fruit-soaked Christmas to you all at Fruit Towers."

She shuffled off down the street in her tartan zip-up bootees, paused and yelled back "I should have mentioned, he's a Large."

I think i should win it because i just should!!!! can't get any better than that!!

I need the hoodie, well my boyfriend does. He's scouse and therefore gets a lot of thievin' scouser jokes, poor thing. I'm not kidding, once i was working in a department store and my boss identified him as a possible shop lifter over the radios when he was just being lovely and coming to pick me up. Oh how we laughed when it all came out, well i did, they didn't. Anyway it would make the end of November much more fun and i could get lots of smoothie love from the lovely accompanying smoothie crate. Incidently, the gooseberry smoothie is ace, i tried it today. Thank you for listening to my ramblings.

i think i should win the hoddie and innnocentdrinks so i can share the love and joy which innocent brings into peoples' lives and be warm and cosy while doing it

bye bye

i think i should win becuase i need to get people xmas presents and my dad has cut my pocket money

I should win it because......I am the best and I drink/eat so much fruit that I might explode within the next 2 hours O_o and thats alot!

This hoodie would actually help save the world if you sent it to me. In an innocent attempt to minimise my contribution to climate change I have turned the thermostat in my home right down. My boyfriend, who likes a tropical living room, is now complaining and sneaking it back up to 20 whenever I'm not looking. This hoodie will shut him up, keep him warm and there will be a bit less CO2 in the air because of it.

I would like to win the hoodie and some innocent goodness because i have just finished my 8 pages of coursework on your lovely little company and am very tired and probably could do with a vitamin boost right now and some warmth. My handle broke off my window so its always slightly open. The maintenance people at uni still havent come to fix it, it'll be a week tomorrow!! im currently wearing gloves and wrapped in my douvet. So please brighten up my week, I'd be very greatful

:) I would like to win, so i can cherish the hoodie and give it to my child who will give it to their children who will give it to their child...i think you get the point.

im a stock controller,
i forced my boss to let my store sell all the types of 250ml.

i hug the bottles as i put them on the shelf, and make sure they're feeling ok and sing them little songs about the caterpillar who wore a tophat.

I don't deserve to win. I think you should give it to someone who really needs it.

See how nice i am? Do i deserve a hoodie?

I should win the hoodie because the hats that you get free on the bottles don't fit me so i need something to keep my head warm!!

There once was a girl named Kat
Who liked smoothies so thick they go splat
They made her so wholesome
That a halo did soon come
For her innocence was resored just like that!

And that is why I should have some more. And a hoody.

Thank you.

Dear Santa,
Please could you consider me for the receiving of an innocent smoothie hoodie as although I only managed to knit six little hats I have now only got enough wool to knit half a jumper, or perhaps a hat or gloves. I think the jumper would cover the rest of me.
Thank you kindly,
Erin Rae (aged 27 and 1 month)

P.S. I could then give my love back his jumper, or even let him share the hoodie.


I should win because im super cool and iv told all my mates about innocent drinks + i buy about a 100 a week of the lovey lil drinks (u rock my world innocent drinks) xxx
keep life simple and keep innocent drinks in ur frige!
danny M and the crue @ north notts college business studies

I wld really lyk 2 win dis gorge hoodie. im not sure y tho? lol

Last night I decided to start my own detox... For 3 days I will live on a glass of fresh juice for breakfast, an Innocent Smoothie for lunch and a bowl of home made soup in the evening, and of course plenty of water. I'll post again in 3 days time and if I have succeeded in doing this I think you should reward me with a hoodie... and who knows if I get a case of smoothies maybe I'll continue to detox for the whole month!

Pleeease can I have a hoodie?
I'm going to be reincarnated as an innocent smoothie and I need to practice dressing like one. I'll knit my own bobble hat (they're awesome, by the way), but the hoodie would really make me feel like an innocent smoothie through and through. Have a great day! ^^

OK, so lots os my fellow starving students have already written in, but none of them have yet the idea of boiling up an innocent hoodie in a big pot and making soup from it have they? this would solve the starving problem, and i'd even share it with my housemates. failing that, it would stop my lovely boyfriend feeling obliged to give me his fleecey thing to keep me warm and then shivering stoicically all the way home or at the very least i could then feed him lovely hot hoodie-soup to warm him up again :) i jest, i would never boil such a beautiful garment, i would parade it along the catwalk at warwick uni's one world week fashion show in january and make the front page of the warwick student paper for sure. also, my little sister keeps stealing my only hoodie and then capering round the house in it like a goblin. if i had another i would give it to her and thus rescue my other one, it is practically a mercy mission: save ellie's hoodie from the clutches of the evil younger sister...

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