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October 10, 2006


Decidedly dodgy if you ask me...

Has he been watching 'The Good Life'? I'm sure there's an episode where Felicity Kendal makes a fetching pair of trews with two odd coloured legs...

It's certainly a brave move, although wise...I'm not so sure.

I think the trousers are sartorially elegant. (They wash well too). Matt's Mum.

Maybe they have to have different coloured legs so he remembers which way round they go when he gets dressed in the morning.

Yes Matthew does have a different taste in clothes to most - wait till he wears the jeans he designed himself!

I rather like them!
They are unique and show that Matt has a good sense of humour.

Matt - this is a fashion faux pas!
Sorry but they are awful

Who cares? Matt is handsome ;o)

One leg looks remarkebly fatter than the other.

The pattern on the back of the left leg looks like it might be awesome though.

No comment...

think you're going to have to show them the back Matthew

I think Matt looks really great. Is he single ?

Oh wow! They have got to be the most fantabulously wonderful pair of trousers I have seen this 'morrow! I love them! :)

Hahaha hahah hahaha. The tartan is good very this season but with the mismatched legs it's just a fashion no no.

I'm curious though, where'd he get them from - or did he make them himself!?

It's a homemade jaycloth accessory... well done Matt!

You see, what everyone seems to be overlooking is the appalling crime of wearing brown shoes with what appear to be grey trousers. It's so wrong. Bless him.

Hey, that's right, I completely overlooked those shoes...

You know, the trousers aren't that bad, but leave the brown shoes. Sorry Matt.

You're still cute, though :p

The shoes definitely go with the brown check in the tartan - only a visit to Fruit Towers would do it justice.

Funnily enough, my light blue shoes also bring out the blue in the tartan, but wearing them to work would just be silly.


Matt, are you half Scottish?

I live with Matt. That alone is a painful enough fact. What makes it even worse is the fact that the "half 'n' half" trousers are not the only fashion, or indeed appearance, crime of which Matt aka 'BATKO' is guilty. Other crimes include:

Pale blue shoes (already referred to);

White shoes with squiggles and graffiti on them;

Full tartan 'golf' trousers;

Brazen pink shirts (not nice pink but a sort of luminescent highlighter pink);

A massively receding (in fact completely receded) hairlne at age 23.

By the way Matt, your mum does have a point...

To state an honest opinion about the trousers I believe you should let us see the back.

I could think of other reasons of course...

I'm not sure dan would let me have a regular fashion slot in the innocent news - dan? I could start with the back of those trousers.

The back's not quite as interesting as the front although it is different. Neither of the back legs are fully tartan - which might mean I'm quarter (rather than half) Scottish (I am actually).

I got them from Carnaby Street when Sitxy made men's clothes. It was probably one of the best clothes-purchases I've ever made (I'm sure you agree).

I've never seen that 'good life' episode, but I'm interested to watch it if anyone wants to send it in (along with other gifts?).

I am all in favour of more fashion tips a la Matt on the blog. Starting with the back of the trousers and then the rest of the items listed by your housemate. Let’s do it.

If you're starting a Matt's fashion column could I suggest that he comes and empties his four wardrobes at our house. If you feature a fashion item a day they should keep you going till around, say 2020.

I'm all in favour of quirky clothes.

I myself own a gorgeous pair of purple/pink/red tartan trousers, but unfortunately I can't wear them at work :(

I've had them since my first year in uni (almost 6 years ago) and even my professors thought they were fabulous!

I can only agree. The world needs more quirky clothes.

I myself have a gorgeous pair of purple/pink/red-ish tartan trousers, bought some 6 years ago at a Miss Sixty Store in Antwerp. I love them, but it's not exactly a subtle pair like Matt's so I definitely can't wear them to work...

I did wear them all through Uni and I remember I got quite a few compliments, even from my professors ;)

Are they left handed trousers?


Is he half Scottish?

I agree with Kim-he's very handsome, so who cares about the trousers?!!

Mummy wants to know who stabbed the man in the neck with a pencil?

The left half of his face appears not to match the right either! Is it a whole body thing?

Please send matt to the border of England and Scotland, he can then stand with one leg in each country and his trousers will have found their true spiritual home

love 'em, love 'em. In the netherlands, where I live, you don't find trousers like these. Do they have them in girl-version too?

I saw a guy today with one red and one green shoe

i did not even notice the trousers due to the unbelievable messy area in the background - some office 5s or "feng shui" may be required to rectify this problem then the pants would stand out loud and proud

the man has two pencils in his neck and it looks like they have grass in the offices - or outdoor desks. I think there is someone with no legs sitting on the chair behind too...What kind of place is that [not that there's anything wrong with having no legs]? And do people just stand around all day there looking like news readers?

Those trew remind me of the olden days when the Bay City Rollers strutted their funky stuff with seriously suspect platform shoes and tartan bell bottoms, albeit his are slightly more tasteful...

Matthew's trousers seem to have taken over the world - I heard they are doing a special feature on BBC's Breakfast News Tomorrow!

Yeah, I dont really care about the trousers, Matt's hot! Unless you want to make him wear more questionable trousers so you can post more pics?

Quick! Call in Trinny and Susannah!

I just found Matthew's receipt for his trousers, they were half price. hahahahahahahahaha gettit? And half the other price, mwah ha ha ha hohohohohhahaha see what I did?

That man behind him seems to be wearing the same jumper as Matt, now everyone is asking: "Do you think he is wearing the same trousers too?"

Love them! You wouldn't want to be the same as everyone else would you!! Could start a new trend

It's to confuse the witnesses isn't it? "The culprit was wearing tartan trousers, Officer" "No, I swear he was wearing...."

i think they are brave. it would look cooler if the tartan bit was patches or something...maybe. although i think....just think he can get away with them.

you know, the trousers grow on you....

I think they're cool!
You should get a matching hat!

Looks like the whole office is situated on top of a greengrocers stall with that astroturf carpet malarky. Maybe it's a miniature office full of tiny tiny people – some stabbed with pencils, others with no legs...and wearing odd clothes just for the hell of it.

Trousers?? Oh yes...I like 'em.

I'm just amused that the entire office appears to be on a hill ... or the photographer's had one too many smoothies.

And I could never wear those trousers - so all respect to Matt for his fashion bravery :)

Oh yes - you can see the skid marks on the grass where he's come to a sudden halt. Won't be too long before the fruit and flowers tumble off the cabinet. Who'd have thought Fruit Towers would be such a minefield - pencils in necks, limbless people and sliding down hills - all to bring us those delicious smoothies. Three cheers for bravery.

I bet though that the offices are a structured kind of chaos...

Wow, I never thought anyone could look so... um ... well wierd. Nice try matt, better luck next time. They would look good on your teddy (if you have one that is)

i think they're buff.

just a note... that guy has a plant behind him, not pencils stuck in him! If you click on the picture you can see closer. Oh, and matt, is the grey half girls trousers?

woah they are rancid trousers

i don't think he'd win any fashion prizes ;-)

Are they not obviously to distract attention away from his cardigan?

Im definatly not liking them

I rather like the trousers but more interestingly , dare I say, what does he look like without them!?
I am at an age where I feel able to make such a comment without apologising... but sorry for any offence.

Matt's so gorgeous who notices the trousers!!! Wish I could get there to see them in the flesh

I have to say i quite like them! slightly quirky, tongue-in-cheek fashion....its new but i'm liking it! where are they from or if you have made them then would you whip me up a pair!?! much love, rosie, 15, hereford xxx

Epic :) I'm all in favour of originality in fashion, hence these:

Gorgeous, non?

I like this mans obscene taste in trousers and if he ever wants to pick me out a pair of very-non-skinnny-legg lellow (yellow for the slightly more normal (i hate that word, but its not because i cant spell it for a change) person)jeans he would be very welcome to.

i have just listened to the epstein james soper song and its brillant so i am going to go crazy over it for the next week, or maybe even two, just maybe though

love y'all
lolly mcdolly

wow i didnt actually realise the legs were odd


i want them i want them i want them i want them i want them i want them i want them i want them i want them i want them i want them i want thtem i want them i want them ect..

love y'all slightly less than matt's crazy pantalons

lolly mcdolly (again)

oooh aye, are those home made?

Oh dear, they are truly terrible trousers. He should pay someone to take them away from him...

Gosh, I want those trousers! You can always trust a man in tartan trousers!

Haha, such a debate over semi-tartan trousers!

What a kerfuffle, what a to-do!

I like them, tbh.

=]] x

wow i love these trousers and the number of comments kept me happily occupied last night when i was supposed to be revising for my chemistry retake today which i just failed: i blame matts trousers.... lol

they are very cool tho...matt should teach my lil brother how to dress

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