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October 26, 2006


I like tea.

Normally I drink a lot of green tea, but if you say oolong is the best, I'll give it a go.

Now I just have to find it...

Rose & Chamomile tea is lovely jubbly.

Sorry to bring up a clear rival to Tetley's, but I find Yorkshire Tea leaves you with a lovely glow.

Especially with a hint of cinnamon. yum.

i love tea , it gives me a great sence of comfort , i drink many cups a day , my favourites are white tea with vanila and cleansing herb teas


If you want good oolong tea, I recommend going down to your local chinese supermarket.
My other favourite variety is white tea, which is not to be confused with 'tea with milk' -- it's a very delicate flavour, more subtle than green tea. White tea is usually available in most large supermarkets these days.

I've just gotten into cardamom tea. A bit of an acquired taste but nice.

Im glad you are wisened in the way of tea- I ordered a delicious and nutritious green tea in a local 'cafeteria' yesterday and they served it with a generous helping of milk and dollop of not sure the girl on the counter was that familiar with green tea..I dint drink it, although perversly I kinda wanted to try a bit..

I like tea.

It is good.

I'm intrigued about this tea spitoon thingy-me-jiggy though. Why oh why would people spit out tea!

I like Rooibos best - not strictly tea, but a herb. It does not contain caffeine and is anti-aging (so they say).
I like it with vanilla best, but there is an Earl Grey too.
Do Tetley have this in their range?

i need tea, NOW!!!

When I'm stressed out I drink tons of hot sweet milky tea.

When I need a good nights sleep I drink camomile tea

When I need some refreshment I drink peppermint tea.

I love them all

Tea is Hot
Tea i shot
ea i shott
ai shot te
i shot tea
Tea is not dead
Tea is hot

I'm more of a Twinings person.
But I like Tetley's herbal teas, especially the summer fruits one.

I love Oolong cha

Calling it tea sounds wrong to me.
I first drank it in Japan, you see.
Glad you all like the same tea as me,
because I love your smoothies, er, cos like this line they're jam packed full of goodness and things like Vitamin C.

I don't mind Tetley's tea but we drink Rington's in our house. Oooh lovely!maybe with a biccy too. Mmmmm tea! etc. etc. A good tea website is

For real tea, try.
Great teas and service.

My fave proper macho tea is Teadirect - fairtrade tea you can get in most supermarkets. The fab Traidcraft people who supply all the fairtrade stuff do lots of nice herbal teas too (you can buy direct from their website or ring them and they'll tell you who your local fairtrader is), like Rooibos and Chai and Clipper (who are also fairtrade) do organic Earl Grey and even Nettle. BUY FAIRTRADE WHENEVER YOU CAN, pretty please xx

I have a cup of tea every day for breakfast. I make Indian masala tea - 'chai' - half a mug of water, half a mug of milk, in a milk pan, add cardamom, fennel, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, mint leaves, sugar or sweetener to taste and tea leaves. Bring to the boil and then let brew for a couple of minutes. Delicious!!

I'm going to make a cup right now!
x x x

i love tea

my favourite tea is tea direct decaffinated english breakfast.

i had a liver detox tea the other day, absolutely disgusting, vile don't drink it unless your liver asks for it specifically.

My head hurts when I havent had tea for a couple of hours. Just normal breakfast tea - tastes better when you sit on a wall and drink it outdoors!

I like tea too. Kenyan is nice and so is Ceylon - I don't know why it isn't called Sri Lanka, though.

Talking about tea, the Natural Detox Superfoods Smoothie and tea have something in common - they both scavenge for Free Radicals.

Apparently, you can get Free Radicals with cigarette smoke, air pollutants (such as ozone and nitrogen dioxide), some food preservatives (including nitrites), aerobic activity and metabolism of fats.

Free cartons of Innocent Smoothies would be much better than Free Radicals because Free Radicals are A BAD THING and, unlike lunch, there is such a thing as a Free Radical.

A twin-pronged attack is best. Drink a glass of Natural Detox Superfoods Smoothie before breakfast and then, whilst the Free Radicals are trying to fight of this chilling attack, follow a spoonful of muesli and natural yoghurt with a sip of tea to raise the temperature of the battle.

If you keep away from the "not air" on the way to work, the Free Radicals should soon become Enslaved Radicals and will then come to understand that freedom is an illusion.

I love tea :) english breakfast tea in the morning, all sorts of teas during the day, but you should try the genmaicha (lovely japanese tea flavoured with burned rice).
As I live in Paris, I love to go to Mariage Frères, which is THE place to have tea :)

I'm sorry to break the trend but I can't stand normal tea it makes me ill. Although raspberry tea is yummy...

Have you tried the most exotic and expensive white tea in the world. It is called "Golden Tips" as the tea leaf is gold in color.

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