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October 18, 2006


So whose idea was it to wear our new white kit in Innocent's kitchens?

We warned you those pomegranates would be trouble!!

Are you sure you want us to use this in our hoses?

Market Research,

In a recent study, it was found that:

Two out of three firemen drink innocent drinks with their right hand.

Cheese alert:

Innocent Drinks - they can quench even the firiest thirst!

"honestly, the lengths a person goes to for a free smoothie"..."well, it worked, didn't it?! And not a burnt apple in sight. YUM!"

Now Sam, (Fireman Sam....geddit?! groannnnnn......) just drive the engine a bit slower on the way back; the smoothies are mixed well enough already........

We're innocent, honest - but are these bottles explosive?

The two others felt they should leave it to the guy in the middle to explain just how they were going to douse the flames with their new equipment

"We won't be able to put out much with these, love!"

How're we meant to put the fire out with one of these? We're obviously going to need the big cartons.

Is that a bottle of juice in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Water shortage in the South reaches new crisis level as fire service commandeers beverage stocks

Drinking Innocent Smoothies is a dangerous job, but somebody has gotta do it!

Three tropicana employees done for arson, "We're innocent!" they declare

Fireman Sam was really pleased with his choice of
"Blackberry & Gooseberry Innocent Smoothie" - his fire fighting chums still aren't convinced!

'Hey, we might be the same colour but I'm no fruit'

Phew! We rescued these ones from the tree just in time!

Hi, we're just passing through your neighbourhood and thought we'd let you know about our new product'

Phew! We rescued these ones from the tree just in time!

the supergrans had been extra busy knitting big yellow hats for the humanoid innocent acai* smoothies. *pronounced very strangely.

If you want to play with a big hose, drink Innocent.

I think there should be fires here more often......

Well lads our job is done here "I think we should have an 'innocent' drink for the road"

We did'nt manage to save any of the workers, but it's ok, because we've managed to save the smoothies.

What tartan trousers??

Just give us the knitting needles and the wool, ok!

Fresh, fruity, tasty, satisfying, guaranteed unadulterated pleasure ... and the smoothies aren't bad either!

The men on the sides just pose whilst the guy in the middle really is confused on why fuity towers insisted on the smoothies being rescued first...

Trinny and Susannah were not available to solve Matt's fashion disaster ... so they called in the fire brigade instead!

Fresh from the firefighters' ensemble ....

"...London's burning, London's burning, pour on smoothies, pour on smoothies ..."

"So theres not a fire?"

The one on the right: "At least mine matches my helmet!"

One more drink lads then we best put those burning tartan pants out...Or maybe we'll have two.

This week’s special offer:
FREE FIREMAN - in fruit colour-coordinated outfit - with every Innocent Smoothie!

When you said you were gonna get us a drink I thought you meant a cuppa...

An innocent job done smoothly

That went quiet smoothly I think butif we don't look innocent they might think we did it on purpose.

Oooh, we could crush a grape.

Apparantly a guy called Matt made the hoax call. Something about wanting to take the spotlight off a pair of tartan pants.

"You know, we're really supposed to use water to put fires out..."

wanna buy a smoothie?

Three innocent victims

Innocent: Proud sponsors of "The Full Monty 2"

Just an 'innocent' false alarm, honest!

Ghostbusters sure have changed over the years....

- That was a SMOOOOOOOOOOOOTH(ie) operation.

Innocent has just launched a burning offer...

Innocent Smoothies are hot stuff!

The fourth emergency service – Superfood Juices!

Fire service cut backs reduce extinguisher size dramatically

Well, you'll have to prove you're innocent - now please come through to the manager's office and don't think we haven't noticed the one in your trouser pocket.

Innocent are liars liars pants on fires!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Look at the cute little dwinks! I wanna blue one!

"this stuff is almost as smooth as us"!

We've got bottle.

"This will be a cheesy photo, please don't use it in a caption competition"

Quench your burning thirst with Innocent smoothies..folks!!

These guys maybe "hot" - but they're not so "smooth" as "Innocent"

We think your customers will think we're saying these are 'flaming tasty'. Mmm, and they are!

Someone called 999 and said these smoothies just taste too damn good..

I'm sorry guys, but not being able to decide which Innocent smoothie is the best does not constitute as ‘an emergency’!

40 years on the job and they give me this crummy drink!

No, you can't have a taste!

"This is almost as good as last weeks false alarm at the brewery!"

Still taking 2 bottles into the shower? Why not take 3 bottles and 3 firemen instead.

The 'Fresh Chilli and Ginger' flavour smoothie trials proved to be a disaster. After the fire brigade, Dyno-Rod were next on the scene...

To the innocent looking guy on the left: One smoothie is enough for any fireman, there's really no need to try and smuggle an extra one away in your pocket...

we told you not to use the lift doors to crush the fruit... didn't we!!

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